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Global Growth.
Global Opportunities.

Whether you're a graduate or not, and whether you join our Manchester or Austin office, you'll receive a transparent and fast-tracked career path and the opportunity to grow your career alongside the business's growth.
We'll make things as straighforward as possible. That means you'll get a career path that rewards success quickly and clearly and we'll also give you all the tools and support to get you to hit the ground running.
We've grown from our Reading HQ to 6 offices in 3 countries, and we're not stopping there! We have numerous stories of people joining new offices or even setting up offices, teams or new business areas of their own. All you need to do is have the right attitude, work hard and bring ambition and enthusiasm to work every day.
For those that are successful, the rewards can be life changing.  

8.5 Weeks

8.5 Weeks

Average time to first placement

9 Days

9 Days

Fast time to first placement

6 Months

6 Months

Average time to first promotion

2.5 Months

2.5 Months

Fastest time to first promotion

Our Career Path

From Trainee to Director, you'll have a transparent career path from day one!


Learning the ropes of your recruitment career, you’ll start out sourcing candidates and learning your market before moving on to client development. Expect a high volume of phone calls, some late nights and a lot of learning!


Having learnt your specialist market and beginning to master the recruitment process, you’ll begin to focus on growing your business, maximising your client and candidate relationships and stepping up your earning potential.

“I've seen first-hand that you can achieve lots within a short timeframe. The opportunities here are incredible.”

Billy Mullen

Becoming a true specialist in your market you’ll have repeat clients that solely use you for their recruitment. You’ll be able to spot that needle in a haystack candidate and will have more influence in your team supporting the trainees that are coming into the business.

“The training has been incredible in supporting my career progression so far." 

Sophie Cadman

A master in your market, you’ll be an expert in your niche field and people will come to you for advice and knowledge. You’ll start mentoring trainees as you move towards management and will be a positive influence in the office.

"Working at Roc has allowed me to progress my career and change my life outside of work. The opportunity for progression and earnings is incredible."

Stephanie Kavanagh

The start of your management career. You’ll be responsible for a minimum of 2 trainees with the aim to grow your team to 5 and bring a number of trainees through to senior and principal level. You’ll be building your client base to support the growing team and leading from the front.

"It's like a big family! Working hard and achieving success alongside your friends make for an incredible experience."

Elisha Bailey

A seasoned manager running a team of at least five experienced consultants, you’ll be leading the team from the front, supporting them day-to-day while driving the growth of your specialist markets. By this stage you’ll be managing people across multiple vertical markets having expanded your niche into related areas.

"I joined as a trainee with no recruitment experience and have progressed my career thanks to the training, support and opportunities given to me by Roc Search - and I've loved every minute!"

Mike Nourse

As your career advances so does your responsibility, and at this stage you’ll be managing multiple teams. You’ll have two STMs working for you and will be responsible for the P&L of your area. A strategic business leader, you'll be identifying opportunities to expand, recruiting new members into your team and driving the growth of your business area.

"If you work hard and deliver against your targets, the rewards are life-changing. Not just earning potential, but the rewards and incentives are first-class. Memories to last a lifetime." 

Dave Jenkins

Reaching the top of your field, you’ll sit on the board of directors, managing multiple business units potentially across multiple locations. You’ll be the strategic leader, responsible for large P&Ls and having overall responsibility of 30+ recruiters.

"Roc has supported me at every step of my journey. I've been able to build teams, open new business sectors and grow the careers of those within them. It's been a fantastic journey so far."

Trevor Doran

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